Rozzi Crane Voodoo Fest & Music Arts Festival (NewOrleans)

Very disappointing that my new friend #RozziCrane was not able to perform at the festival today due to rain, but everything happens in its reason.  We still was able to get her prep and ready for the day with hair by Karen Williams and makeup by me of course 🤗.  Although she was disappointed about the concert being cancelled and not performing for her fans, she began having a mini concert for me and the hairstylist in the room where we were at which was pretty AWESOME.  Her songs I listened to on Spotify touched my heart 😊 Thank you Wil (Tour Manager) You guys were awesome!

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Love ya chic!

Accentuate your beauty 🎥😆🎬😊

You may not quite believe it each #time you look into the mirror and wish you had Taylor Swift’s curlsand Beyoncé figure but there is something quite special and unique about you as well. All of us has a feature that we are most fond of – be it a flawless complexion, a flat tummy or perfect teeth. We may not feel like perfect beauties but we are all beautiful in the creator eyes. 

Do you want to know how to accentuate best features, from eyes to lips to cheekbones? It’s actually quite easy, as long as you know the proper tricks – and that’s why I’m here! There are dozens of reasons you might be interested in accentuating your best features, but it all comes down to looking your best. Do you have full, lush lips to which you want to draw #attention? Maybe you want to make sure your #eyes really pop.

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kaeli pix lauren‘We had such a blast! #Rowena #CHICNOUVELLE gets a loud shout out :-) Thank you Ro for connecting me with #BRANDONKAN. For those who do not know Brandon Kan, let me give you a quick run down. He has worked with #Rhianna #ParisHilton #JayZ #GwenStefani #QueenLaTifah #TyraBanks. I have had the pleasure to work along side with Brandon Kan as his #makeupassistant. When I say I had a BLAST, I had a Blast. I seriously thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity! I am also happy to inform you that you will be seeing much more of  #celebritygirlcosmetics. I have also had the pleasure to work with #GHD #GOODHAIRDAY








I was so HAPPY to receive my #GHDFLATIRON I am like so in love with it. Long story short I thought only the models were getting the hottest flat-iron out by #GHD but long and behold Dalpo surprisingly says “You know we couldn’t forget about you.” I literally started to

Thanks #BrandonKan!

Models: Lauren Alexandra, Sarah Ohlsson, Savannah Porter & Kaeli Allen

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YELP is not posting my great reviews for Lexie Bloom Makeup Artistry

It’s really not fair for YELP to post a good review and the same day take it down and put it in the not recommend section. This is something I really don’t get. Many business owners speaks of this and I am just one of the that are stepping forward in a blog. I am not biased what so ever so I have posted the reviews from YELP website that are not visisble for you ladies to see. YELP contacted me about advertising with them and I had put it on hold because I can not afford paying close to $400 a month to them. I personally believe that if I advertise with them maybe they will put up more of my good reviews. I have lost customers because of YEL not posting fairly. Everyone that comes to Lexie Bloom Makeup Artistry is treated WELL :-) I encourage other business owners who are going through the same thing I am going through to not give up and stand firm because you should not settle. I am so grateful for each of my clients and also the ones who took the time to post on YELP to help my ratings. Hope you check out the YELP website and see that I am telling you the TRUTH.